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Occasionally we let journalists and photographers loose on the Chesil Speedster. They almost always return with the test car, but there are usually some tearful moments when it comes to handing back the keys.

Read on to find out how the Chesil Speedster fared at the experienced hands of some of the UK's top specialist car journalists.

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911 & Porsche World
Written by John Tipler and photographed by Dave Wigmore, this article had the potential to ruffle a few feathers in Porsche circles. Read on to hear the verdict!
VW Motoring Magazine
Written and photographed by John Clewer, the Chesil Speedster is tested for a feature in one of the leading VW magazines.
Total VW
Written and photographed by Richard Knott, the Chesil Speedster receives a thorough testing for the benefit of VW enthusiasts across the country.
Kit Car Magazine
This time Chesil receive a visit from kit car consultant Peter Coxhead. This was like being raided by the Inland Revenue. Peter even questioned some witnesses and went through our paperwork. Find out what they said about us!
Which Kit? Magazine
Written by Ian Stent and photographed by ???????, our Speedster was given a thorough review by the UK's leading kit car magazine.
Which Kit? Magazine
This time Which Kit? reviewed a reader's car. Bob Lymn's white Chesil Speedster comes under close scrutiny.

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